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ACTT™ Allergy Test

Bio-Medical Services performs in vitro serum IgE testing for allergen identification. Our comprehensive list of testing options covers all aspects of an animal’s allergy exposure, including weeds, trees, grasses, molds, mites, insects, foods, fleas and more.  


Benefits of the ACTT Test:

  1. No steroid or antihistamine interference.Read more
  2. Simple blood draw is all that is required; no shaving or sedating the animal.
  3. Minimal stress for the patient and owner.
  4. Accurate and reproducible results.
  5. Diet recommendations accompany each food allergy test. 

No False Positives

The superior ACTT ELISA technology identifies allergen-specific IgE with precision and accuracy. Our affinity purified, anti-IgE antibody detects IgE only; it does not bind to IgG.  Test scores are not subject to mis-identification or false-positive due to IgG interference.  Read more about our Affinity Pure Polyclonal Anti-IgE Antibody.


Proven Technology

Our laboratory employs rigorous quality control methods that minimize non-specific IgE binding to ensure accurate and reproducible test results for each patient. 




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