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Resource Library

Pet Allergy Clinic Reference Guide by Bio-Medical Services


Section 1 - Allergy Facts - What Is Allergy?

A - Pathogenisis of Allergy

B - Diagnosing Allergic Disease

Secion 2 - Allergy Testing

Section 3 -Allergy Treatment Options

Section 4 - Additional Information


Testing Order Form- Includes list of services and serum requirements. 


About Immunotherapy - Detailed instructions about administering immunotherapy, how desensitization works, treatment precautions and more.  Appropriate for pet owners to have a copy    

Cross Reactivity Chart - When testing for allergic sensitivity,  many allergens cross react.  In treatment, they can cross-protect.  Review these lists to assist you in deciding which allergens to include in treatment for your patient.

    Grasses,     Trees    Weeds  Molds

Food Allergy Testing - Written by our Staff Immunologist, Dr. Susan Keesee, this article discusses the specifics of testing for food sensitivity with ELISA technology.

Professional Courtesy Coupon  As a courtesy to our veterinary partners, we offer $100 off of testing for the veterinarian's pet.  This discount is valid one time per clinic, per year.  If the veterinarian wishes to pass this discount along to a clinic staff member, that is fine too.  We appreciate you!

Desensitizing for Molds, Mites and Insects  Current findings about desensitizing for mold, mite and insects. 

Selecting Allergens for Treatment Sets

Storage Mites...The Hidden Culprit - Understanding where storage mites are commonly found and their impact on allergy.

Injection Schedules


Small Dog/Sensitive Breed



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