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Visit our Resource Library for a wealth of information about allergy testing, treatment, and related issues.  All articles are downloadable for your convenience.

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Veterinarian Information

Best Practices for Serum IgE Testing

Bio-Medical Services shaped the growth of serum IgE testing in the veterinary industry as the first laboratory to offer an ELISA based in vitro allergy test for dogs, cats and horses in 1989.

Today, Bio-Medical Services remains a world leader in allergy management, testing patients in all 50 states and 14 countries.  Our proven techniques are time tested, having served the veterinary community for over 20 years. We make allergy care work!


Realize The Value of Serum Allergy Testing

The ACTT Allergy Management Program enables veterinarians in general practice to manage allergic patients with confidence and success. We provide veterinarians with all of the necessary tools to build a thriving allergy practice of your own. 


Bio-Medical Services is dedicated to educating all parties to achieve the best care for every patient.  Free educational materials and training sessions are available for pet owners and clinic staff, and our customer service representatives are available to guide you throughout the testing and treatment process.  


We’re Here When You Need Us

 Successful allergy management takes dedicated teamwork from every member of the pet’s health care team.  Simply a phone call away, our customer service team is available to discuss treatment recommendations, dietary recommendations and to answer any questions to ensure that your patient has continued allergy relief. 


We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, and are dedicated to the prompt and individual attention you deserve.  

  1. Free educational materials for pet owners.
  2. Emphasis on clinic staff education with the Pet Allergy Clinic Reference Guide.
  3. Ongoing patient management, assisting you throughout the testing and treatment process.

Allergy Drops

How it works....

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Frustrated by allergy test results that you don't trust?
Have patients that are not improving with treatment?
Bio-Medical Services will give you a FREE Second Opinion.


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